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Boka: Hungary pursues strong Europe policy

| Szerző: MTI
Hungary is pursuing a strong Europe policy and represents a clear European alternative, the minister in charge of EU affairs said on Wednesday, adding that "this vision for Europe must be reflected in our work".

Janos Boka said on Facebook that during Hungary’s upcoming EU presidency „we will act as a fair intermediator that loyally cooperates with all member states and institutions”.
„At the beginning of a new institutional term, we can initiate a debate and show direction in matters that are important to us,” he said. Hungary viewed the task „as an opportunity and an obligation”, he added.
Commenting on the work that Hungary was facing, he said 122 legislative dossiers were expected to be brought over from the previous presidency. Within these, progress is planned to be made in 55 dossiers in the Council and in 30-35 dossiers during talks between the Council and the European Parliament, he added.
He also said that some 1,500 Council working group meetings were planned to be held, and 37 formal meetings in Brussels and Luxembourg.
Also, 230 events will be held in Hungary connected to the presidency, including 16 informal Council meetings, an informal European Council meeting and the European Political Community summit. Boka also noted that Hungary has been an EU member for 20 years and it had already fulfilled the presidency once, 13 years ago.

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