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National water management directorate: Danube flood to peak in NW Hungary

| Szerző: MTI
The flood water level of the river Danube is currently at its peak near Nagybajcs, in north-western Hungary, and it is expected to peak in Budapest early on Saturday, the national water management directorate OVF said on Thursday.
Flooding Danube expected to peak in Budapest on June 8 at 660 centimetres                                                                   MTI photo by Peter Lakatos

A flood gate has been closed at the river mouth of the Moson-Danube in order to reduce pressure on the affected stretch and guarantee the safety of Gyor, the statement said. Some 317 people have been involved in flood prevention in the Szigetkoz area, it added. Passing boats have been alerted to stay as far as possible from the riverbank in order to minimise the effect of the waves they generate.
The water level is expected to peak in Budapest around 10-20 cm under the level of the lower embankment.
No considerable rain was reported in the German and Austrian water catchment areas of the river Danube in the past 24 hours.

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