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Orban: Italy important ally of Hungary

| Szerző: MTI
Prime Minister Viktor Orban met Lorenzo Fontana, the head of Italy's Chamber of Deputies, in Budapest on Thursday, the prime minister's press chief said.

Italy is one of Hungary’s most important allies, a key partner in bilateral cooperation as well as in the European Union and NATO, Bertalan Havasi cited Orban as saying.
Orban and Fontana agreed that Hungary and Italy were linked by their geographical proximity, history and shared views on ideological and social issues, the statement said.
Economic ties are also strengthening, and Italy was Hungary’s fifth largest trading partner in 2022, it added.
“We’re observing with concern the pressure illegal migration is putting Italy under,” Orban said, adding that Hungary also witnessed the situation worsening on the Western Balkans route.
Both countries are committed to stopping illegal migration, reinforcing the EU’s external borders and to developing more effective repatriation strategies, Orban and Fontana agreed, according to the statement.

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