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Defence minister: Secondary schools launch army cadet classes on trial basis

| Szerző: MTI
Several Hungarian secondary schools are introducing weekly army cadet classes on a trial basis, the minister of defence said on Friday.

Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky said in a statement that the compulsory cadet classes for 9th and 11th graders are being launched from September in six schools selected in cooperation with the ministry of the interior and the ministry of culture and innovation.
The classes are expected to boost students’ understanding of the importance of defence and patriotism, he added.
The curriculum will include first-aid, map reading, target practice and Hungarian military history, he said. In addition to theoretical knowledge, students will also receive practical training, the minister added.
The teachers involved have received pedagogical, psychological and methodological training, and they will wear uniform in the classroom, the statement said.

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