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Szijjarto opens new bridge crossing Ipoly to Slovakia

| Szerző: MTI
Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto opened a new bridge on the River Ipoly connecting Ipolydamasd in Hungary with Helemba in Slovakia, saying the bridge was a good example of the strategic links and cross-border cooperation between the two countries.
New Ipoly bridge between Hungary and Slovakia opened on July 28 2023                         MTI photo by Boglarka Bodnar

Opening more and more border crossings benefitted both Hungarians and Slovaks and was an important government task, Szijjarto said at the event.
The number of border crossings has increased from 22 in 2010 to the current 37, he said.
The new Ipoly bridge spanning 58 metres along with connecting road infrastructure was built using 2.5 billion forints (EUR 6.7m) of European Union funding, and it demonstrated “excellent Hungarian-Slovak cooperation in cross-border issues and the utilisaiton of EU resources”.
He added that another three crossing points were planned to be opened between Hungary and Slovakia this year, including two further Ipoly bridges.

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