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Media authority head: Freedom of speech protected in Hungary

| Szerző: MTI
Freedom of speech in Hungary is widely protected by the country's legal system, the head of the National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) said on Thursday.

All speech relating to public life — including that which may infringe on the rights of others — is fundamentally protected, Andras Koltay told a conference on press freedom.
The protection of freedom of speech is an achievement of “the Hungarian democracy that was reborn in 1990” whose importance should not be undermined, Koltay said.
Hungarian public life is diverse, making those who want to be well informed “work for it”, he said, underscoring the importance of having speech be based on facts.
Koltay said the media in Hungary went beyond just reporting the news and also played a significant role in shaping social life. This, he added, meant that it needed to be regulated, highlighting the crucial role of child protection.
Meanwhile, Koltay warned of the spread of fake news which he said was difficult to manage through legal means.


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