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LMP calls for Chain Bridge to remain car-free

| Szerző: MTI
Opposition LMP called on the Budapest city council on Tuesday to keep Chain Bridge free of cars even after the bridge's ongoing revamp is finished.


Landmark Chain Bridge under revamp in June 2022                                                                                                                  MTI/Zoltan Mathe

Lawmaker Bernadett Bakos told a press conference that it would be a great step towards a “more livable and likeable” city centre if only cyclists, buses and vehicles with special markings were allowed to use the bridge, and pedestrians, once the pavement is finished.

Making Chain Bridge car-free as a result of an ongoing revamp project “would not be a big loss to drivers but it would be a huge gain for public transport and cyclists”, she said.
The government is threatening the city council and the “car lobby” has also been exercising pressure, Bakos said. Yet, experience from before the revamp project showed that the narrow Chain Bridge hit by permanent traffic jams accounted for merely 4 percent of the total traffic of Budapest bridges, she added.
It will cause no disruptions to car traffic in the city if Chain Bridge is kept car-free but it will be a great opportunity for “much greener public transport”, Bakos said.

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