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Cbank, authorities launch cybercrime info campaign

| Szerző: MTI

Attacks by digital criminals have become more frequent and target customers directly through psychological manipulation and scams, Csaba Kandracs told a press conference. He warned that even clients with a greater degree of financial knowledge and experience can fall victim to the refined techniques used by cyber criminals.
This has prompted the launch of the CyberShield information campaign educating the public about phishing, scam calling and texting, phony bank websites and dodgy investment schemes, said Kandracs. The programme will also involve an analysis of market trends as well as knowledge sharing on an international level and implementation of best practices, he added.
Partners of the initiative include the Hungarian Banking Association, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH), the National Cyber Security Centre and the National Police Headquarters (ORFK).

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