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Criminal suspects captured on intl arrest warrants

| Szerző: MTI
A Hungarian man among the police's 50 most wanted suspects was arrested in the US, while in a separate case, and a British national wanted on an international arrest warrant was captured in Hungary, Hungarian law enforcement said on Tuesday.

The 46-year-old man from Bekescsaba was arrested in Florida, whom the authorities had sought since 2019. A European arrest warrant was issued in 2020 and an international one in 2021, the National Bureau of Investigations said on police.hu. The suspect’s crime was not specified.
A US court will decide on whether to extradite the man who was detained on July 21.
Meanwhile, the UK authorities issued an international arrest warrant against a 36-year-old British national after he was suspected of abusing, strangling and robbing a prostitute in a London hotel in 2019. The Hungarian law enforcement authorities arrested the man on July 22 in Budapest’s 6th district in cooperation with their UK counterparts, the police statements said.

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