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House of Hungarian Music to open to public on Jan 23

| Szerző: MTI
The House of Hungarian Music will open to the public on January 23 in Budapest's City Park, and offer concerts, workshops, music pedagogy sessions and other programmes aimed at reaching new audiences, operative director Marton Horn told a press conference on Friday.

House of Hungarian Music completed                                                                                                      MTI photo Varosliget Zrt

In the first week after the opening, students of the Budapest Liszt Academy will offer free concerts. Tickets for concerts from January 28th, featuring performers of classical, pop, world, jazz music and many other genres, will be available on the magyarzenehaza.com website from Friday, Horn said.
The new concert house was built as part of the Liget Budapest Project, aimed at revamping Budapest’s City Park.
Designed by Japanese star architect Sou Fujimoto, the House of Hungarian Music topped the World Architecture Community’s (WAC) list of ten most anticipated buildings in 2021.

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