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PM Orban calls for observing new coronavirus restrictions


Prime Minister Viktor Orban called on Hungarians to observe the latest coronavirus restrictions after parliament voted to extend the government's special powers for another 90 days on Tuesday.

“We will manage it together, if we band together and observe the restrictive measures coming into force in response to the coronavirus pandemic,” Orban said in a video on Facebook.
The prime minister on Monday said the government was to introduce tougher restrictive measures in an effort to curb the spread of the virus, as hospitals may struggle to handle the growing case load. He said the government would extend the curfew introduced earlier to be in force between 8pm and 5am, and restrict opening hours of shops and other businesses starting at midnight on Tuesday. Universities and secondary schools above the eighth grade will return to digital education, restaurants will be closed and sporting events will be held behind closed doors, he said.
“Parliament granted the government enhanced powers, the relevant decrees have been drafted and the restrictive measures will take effect as of midnight today,” Orban said after signing the decrees. “I ask you all to observe the rules,” he said. “Let’s take care of each other, in particular our parents and grandparents, and the elderly and the ill.”