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Orban, US ambassador unveil George Bush statue in Budapest


"Hungarians have always regarded the United States as a home of freedom," Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Tuesday, at the inauguration of a statue of George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president of the United States, on Budapest's Szabadsag Square.


US ambassador, Hungarian prime minister unveil Bush statue at Budapest Szabadsag Square 
MTI photo by Zoltan Mathe

“And today, we are here to honour with this statue our friend, George Herbert Walker Bush,” Orban said, noting that it was erected next to a statue of President Ronald Reagan, calling them “two men from America who started the fight against global communism”.

Orban noted that during his visit to Budapest in July 1989, President Bush had expressed support for the democratic youth’s request “to free Hungary from Yalta” since the freedom and independence of central Europe had also been the president’s dream.

Addressing the unveiling ceremony, David B. Cornstein, the outgoing US ambassador, said the statue is a symbol of US-Hungarian relationship and optimism for the future.
“The desire for freedom had never left the Hungarian people, and the collapse of communism in 1989 brought a new dawn to the hopes of freedom-loving people here and everywhere. President Bush’s visit to Hungary in July 1989 was a symbol of that hope,” the ambassador said.