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World Press Photo exhibition opens in Budapest


The World Press Photo (WPP) exhibition opened on Wednesday in Budapest's National Museum featuring a category winning picture by a Hungarian photographer, the exhibition's coordinator said at the opening.

         WPP category winning picture by Esther Horvath           MTI photo

Among the 151 images, visitors can see Hungarian documentary photographer Esther Horvath’s photo which fetched 1st prize in the WPP competition’s environment, single category, this year, Tamas Revesz said. It shows a polar bear and her cub examining equipment marked with a flag scientists had placed on an ice sheet in the Arctic Ocean, he said. Horvath, who lives in Germany, took the picture during a scientific expedition of German icebreaker Polarstern in the Central Arctic Ocean. She is the first Hungarian woman to win 1st prize at WPP, Revesz said.
The WPP attracts around 4 million visitors annually around the world. In Hungary, it was the second most visited exhibition in a global comparison in the past two years.
The exhibition in Budapest will be open to the public until October 25.