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Plastic Cup cleans Tisza of 8.2 tonnes of waste


Participants in this year's Plastic Cup (PET Kupa) have collected 8.2 tonnes of waste along an 80km section of the water and floodplains of the Tisza river flowing to Hungary from Ukraine and Romania, the event's organisers said on Monday.

2020 Plastic Cup cleaning Tisza river            MTI photo by Attila Balázs

The waste containing plastic bottles, bottle caps, polypropylene wrapping material, glass and metal was collected and selected into bags with help of volunteers already on board of vessels between the border town of Zahony and Rakamaz. The section last time was cleaned three years ago, they said.
Around half of the waste can be recycled also as components of vessels used by Cup participants again in cleaning sections of the Tisza river next time.
Chief patron of the Cup is President Janos Ader and its main sponsor is the innovation and technology ministry.