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Govt official: Covid-19 tracker app available for download


People confirmed to be infected with coronavirus can now download a Covid-19 contact tracing smartphone app whose widespread use could prove effective in the response efforts to the epidemic, an innovation and technology ministry official said on Wednesday.

The use of the VirusRadar app is strictly voluntary, state secretary Tamas Schanda told a press conference. Confirmed patients are free to choose whether or not they want to download it and to decide whether they want to share their data with the health authorities, he said.
The data forwarded to the authorities can be used to trace contacts patients had interacted with within a 2m distance for at least 20 minutes, Schanda said. This allows for targeted testing and the isolation of suspected Covid-19 cases in line with epidemiological protocols, he added.
Deputy state secretary Karoly Balazs Solymar said the app was available for Android devices and would soon be made available for iOS as well.