The gravedigger of the Left

A case study

Once upon a time in Trepca, there was a huge mining area, where they were digging gold, silver, zinc, lead and cadmium from 40 mines. These mines provided jobs for locals. One of them, the Zvecan in Kosovo was specially rich. The International Crisis Group (ICG), established in 1995, a prestigious and independent institute of research and analysis was originally supposed to prevent wars and to build up a peaceful world.

In ICG’s chief staff we could find its funder, the world famous philanthrope, George Soros with his son. They found that it was crucially important for the future of Kosovo to re-open the mines of Trepca, because the natural resources of the area would play a leading role if Kosovo became a sovereign country. At the same time the independent professionals of ICG said mining there was sadly underfunded, the factories were mismanaged and also dangerous for nature and human health. And of course, locals were also exploited by Beograd. „Trepca is the Berlin Wall of Kosovo, the symbol of Albanian resistance and Serbian oppression for a long time”, they said. After this, the Kosovo War broke out.

After a few months, the leader of the arriving UN forces, Bernard Kouchner, who also came from the Soros-funded Doctors Without Borders, was shocked when he discovered how the mines of Trepca and the factory of Zveca were harming locals’ health, especially that of pregant women and children. UN forces urgently expropriated the mines and processing plants and then, with a generous gesture, all properties. Maybe, due to sheer coincidence, George Soros’ private investor company was given the opportunity to invest 50 million dollars in the area, meanwhile the US goverment granted all investments up to 100 million dollars in the Balkan Peninsula.

Soros were selected out of 16 other candidates after a presumably fair and open procurement procedure. So after all, they managed to fund Zvecan with the obvious goal to protect children and pregnant women from any health damage as part of the expectations of civil society and guidelines of independent experts, just like in other places where events had a happy ending. This story is based on a previous article (, because it happened not so long ago and not so far away from us, at a time when most of us didn’t recognize that the Soros network was using similar methods everywhere, keeping the same goals in mind.

When business isn’t lucrative enough anymore, they move on, leaving everything behind. The mines and factories were nationalized by the government of Kosovo recently, and that’s what the Serbs of North Kosovo won’t accept.

The recipe

The recipe is simple. Choose a business goal worthy of acquisition. Send there your civilians, destabilize the area, organize media, create chaos and after all these are done, be the one who provides help and rebuilding, while you can take out the money from the best businesses. Tear down borders and they won’t hinder your moves. Destroy national sovereignity to prevent locals from any resistance in your interests.

Buy experts with money, scholarships, awards, fame, recognition, hype or anything they need. Call them professionals, indenependents, democrats and open-minded. Hinder every move that tries to reveal their background and incompetence to avoid what happened when an obvious falsifification concerning datas of global warming came to light. Buy local media, television, radio, daily and weekly newspapers, online sites, call them independent and pay them to serve your goals. Be sure you reward them. The Soros-funded media can be recognized easily: they always attack the person – just like Lenin did.

They will never argue with the actual case, statements or ideas, they won’t make any efforts to confute them. They intimidate people and when it’s not enough, they annihilate them verbally, that’s what Soros’ journalists and activists are the best at.The so called civil organizations of Soros are all „independent”, of course, without an exception, they are also the holders of expertise. They often refer to themselves or each other as „objective” too. They are also available anytime, without any complaints to fight in any cases for goals the Soros-empire sets.

Soros’ power and unprecedented influence consist of these all-encompassing teams, these cross-border networks. He organizes them coordinatedly. Sometimes these are in accordance with the foreign policy of the US government, sometimes they are not, many times they serve US interests, other times they cooperate with local leaders, but always with the hope of lavish financial profits. Eventually, he is a businessman, more exactly a speculator who earns money by ruining other people’s lives.

The Soviet Empire is now Soros Empire

We are often unaware of the games behind the scenes, played by super powers, regional power centres, but after some time everything falls into place. The point is always the same: to conquer spheres of influence or to hold the existing ones. This is what happened to the Soviet Empire after its fall when a vacuum appeared here. Looking back from the present, we can conclude that the change in the spheres of influence went relatively smoothly in our region in the early 1990s.

The 1980s brought many changes into the relations of the two super powers. Ronald Reagan proclaimed a new foreign policy doctrine. The previous national defensive strategic had been based on containment, which defined the US attitude to Soviet’s expansion attempts for decades, but now it was changed to fighting off the Soviet Union and defeating communism. The Polish Solidarity supported by the US, the armament of the Mujahideens in Afghanistan and the fact that Deng Xiaoping opened China for the world, which move brought back the Asian country into a world power position, resulted in new tasks and conditions for Hungary and the Soviet bloc too.

The Hungarian leadership, loaded with technocracts by that time, initiated to launch a ’pilot project’ with the Soviets, which was supposed to investigate the borders of reforming socialism. One of these steps was when we joined World Bank and IMF in 1982, and the softening of ideological limitation was also on the agenda in 1984. In a close cooperation with the highest levels of the communist party, George Soros’ newly founded organization was given the opportunity to start operating. Which organization supported me as well.

Soros really wanted to obtain OTP

The Soviet regime seemed stable and unchallengeable in 1984, when George Soros first appeared in Hungary. Half a decade later, in 1990, when finally the communists fell, Soros made an offer to take over Hungary’s national debts in exchange for the cream of national wealth and industry. The first freely elected prime minister, József Antall refused it.

Opinion formers having gained crucial positions by that time with the help of Soros launched an irresistible media campaign to make the newly democratised Hungary pay back its debts accumulated by the communists without any complaint. The same people urged to prevent any reprivatization in our country, being the only one in the region not giving back nationalized properties to their original owners. Instead of this, they urged the comrades to continue their privatization.

This idea had a major support from the opposition party SZDSZ and former communists, they all claimed a more complete and faster privatization. Today it’s indisputable that all those privatizations were meant to sell public properties well below their real value. Péter Boross was the prime minister back then when George Soros was planning to buy up the biggest Hungarian retail bank, OTP.

His intents failed due to the resistance of Péter Boross and Gyula Horn, the new Socialist prime minister. Horn prevented the action when the MSZP-SZDSZ goverment, mainly pushed by SZDSZ, put back the purchase on the agenda. If Soros could have managed to acquire the biggest Hungarian financial institution, he would have obtained the control over the whole economy of the country.

The Hungarian experience

Soros tested in Hungary what organizations are worth being invested in and what networks are to be established so that he could represent his interests efficiently. It became clear to him that those who were commited to the nation, like Antall, Boross, MDF, the national wing of the socialist party and Fidesz after resisting the Democratic Charter, would impede his business activities.

He built up and broadened his network with the help of opinion shaper groups, some of them helped zealously, the others imprudently or consciously or for the advantages Soros could offer to them. We can say Soros bought a part of intellectuals, mostly liberals. People sponsored by Soros in the community of culture and social sciences took dominant positions then. By taking advantages of their media superiority, they ended up as canon makers for decades.

Soros managed to attract many by showing them deceptive and innocent-looking goals like referring to the protection of human rights via equal opportunities, gipsy programs or hospital equipment. Soros and his activists made human rights optionally expandable. Nowadays they mostly defend the rights of migrants and some of them urge to extend their activities to aminals, too. This is only partly obscured by the fact that Soros only uses his network to achieve his political purposes, which all mean financial benefits to him.

They’ve made big and coordinated efforts to make Soros’ name tempting for the younger generations and to make them imagine him as a selfless philanthropist, instead of a ruthless currency speculator, who intended to destroy the biggest French bank in 1988 just to make it easier for him to obtain, in 1992 he also broke the British pound. These actions, besides the huge financial profit, made him a financial celebrity, too, a position held by him with satisfaction up till now.

In 1998, he also broke the Russian ruble, this move caused a lot of damage to the Hungarian economy as well. In his open letter in the Financial Times he wrote the Russian economy was overvalued, inoperable and demanded to devalue the ruble by 15-20%. As a result, the ruble broke, was devalued by 60%, Russia became bankrupt. Millions of Russians lost their payments, pensions and savings, just like half a decade earlier the British.

If somebody intends to find the reasons why Soros and his organizations are unacceptable in Russia, this is where it is rooted. A year earlier he had made a speculative attack on Malaysia, Thailand and Japan, too. The Malaysian president described Soros as a criminal who had destroyed everything that the Malaysians had worked for for 40 years. ’It’s all about making money and the social consequences are irrelevant then’, he explained in a philantropic way.

When we are talking about the philanthropist Soros, who allegedly feels a special commitment to Hungary, we have to mention that he and his business partners launched a hostile buyout attack against the forint and the OTP in the hardest hours of the 2008 financial crisis. As a consequence of these actions, Soros’ company received a 500 million HUF financial penalty, which, of course, he could easily handle.

We should always keep in mind what we can expect from him and who he is. A speculator, who ruthlessly represents the interests of a global financial group, knowing no difficulties. It is just a natural thing that the Soros-funded media describes him as a philantrope. But what kind of philantropist is the one who repeatedly destroyed European and Asian currencies, the savings, payments and pensions of the people just to earn a huge profit? His wealth is being held in offshore accounts in tax havens like the Cayman Islands and the Antillas. So basically, the biggest supporter of left-wing foundations worrying about the poor is avoiding paying taxes.

He has managed to gain influence in our region despite the little amount of money he has invested here. According to his own assessment, he „successfully converted the Soviet Empire into Soros Empire”.

Soros and the Left are exactly the same

Soros started to build up his networks in the USA a decade after he had launched his foundations in Hungary. His civilian activist campaigned at first for legalizing soft drugs. Then came the so called leftist cases (political correctness, environmental issues, feminism, the rights of homosexuals, same- sex marriages, the support of migration, pro-islam attitude, racism, attack on American Whites, for legalizing prostitution etc.). All this has been carried out so efficiently that both in the USA and Europe, just like in Hungary, Soros and the Left have become one.

Today’s’leftist issues and topics’ are the ones that Soros’s nerworks back up wanting vehemently to make them the norm. Soros has captured the Left, which has become by now an uninhibited assistent of global companies and financial actors. That’s why we can only see leftist leaders as well-dressed businessmen, bankers, big company managers or politicians who, sooner or later, appear as lobbysts of big companies (Clinton, Schrőder, Blair, Kern, Macron, Shultz, Gyurcyány, Bajnai).

In order to buy out the Left, and incidentally liberalism as well, it was necessary to buy the Democratic Party in the USA, which is considered as a fact even by the writers of the satirical program Saturday Night Life. That’s why Soros is mentioned in their program as the ’owner of the Democratic Party’. A milestone in the process of the acquisition was the McCain-Feingold party financing law in 2002 (Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002), which prohibited contributions by large corporations, e.g. trade unions, traditionally the supporters of the Democratic Party.

The Republicans were much less influenced by this, since they had always relied on wealthy individuals. As a consequence, the organizations established by Soros to sponsor and organize campaigns became vital for the Democrats. Such as founded in 1998, Courage Campaign in California (2005), Center for American Progress (CAP) (2003) – the supporter of Gordon Bajnai -, the leader of the latter being John Podesta, who was the head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff. There are hundreds of ’civilian’ organizations related to Soros around the Democratic Party which are in organization, sponsoring and accomplishing political tasks.

Soros’s first major policymaking action in America was the one when he took the lead personally to prevent the reelection of George W. Bush and put 24 million dollars in the campaign. Anyway, he failed. With Barack Husszein Obama’s election victory, however, an extraordinary situation turned real: Soros’s leftist-liberal ideas and goals became the official policy of the USA. Before Obama, just like now with Trump, Soros’s network often sided with anti-American forces, the most obviously case is the support of Palestine friendly, anti-Israeli organizations in the West. Soros has never backed Israel saying ’Israel has got enough friends’. When it is not his man being the president, he finds: ’The USA is the major obstacle to a safe and fair world order’ and ’The USA should give up its privileges’.


Soros reminds me of the hero in the Bond film Skyfall presented in 2012 with Javier Bardem starring. He is called Silvara, a man who is obsessed with gaining world power. Soros is also obsessed and, as he puts it: he has a sort of messianistic calling to materialize a global order, a global society that operates a global economy. It sounds too familiar to us, we were forced to live for nearly half a century in a similarly utopian project to reform the world by people with a similar ’vocation’.

Soros believes he has enough money to be exempt from any rules and to change the ones he doesn’t like. ’I’m interested in the change itself’ he says. And he proudly declares ’I am pleased with subversive actions and often use them.’ He is indeed and frequently applies them. It is clear to everyone that it is Soros’s ’civilians’ who stand behind colour revolutions in Ukraine, Georgia and they played theit role in ousting Janukovich as well as in the Arabic Spring.

He wants to oust Orbán and, of course, Trump, too. The method is the same everywhere. He buys influence in the intellectual world among opinion formers in science, universities, finance and the media. He builds up or takes over political parties and civilian organizations, turns them into networks and uses them as cover bodies. He instigates chaos and unrest weakening the government in operation. If necessary, he refers to vote rigging, if economic difficulties are at hand he makes use of them or whatever that serves his purposes. He has huge demonstrations arranged or, if started by others, his people take the lead managing them.

Facebook, Twitter and mobiles being spread large crowds can be mobilized in no time making the task easier than before. He has been training his network of activists, whose job is to try to destabilize political systems through these demonstrations. He has disturbances provoked by his street warriors in order to make chaos. It is also important to produce an image that the reigning power is about to collapse or has collapsed already. Another crucial message is that the demonstrators are not alone, they are taken sides with by the whole society and the whole world. More precisely: the ’advanced part of the world, the one that counts’. They think and behave like you since you and the like stand on ’the right’ side in history representing progress.

In our country this argumentation has only an effect on youngsters, we older people know ’progressives’ and the ones moralizing about historical necessity. After brotherly wars, religious wars, border conflicts, economic crisis, financial debacles and disrupted orders have been caused, Soros appears in the role of the peacemaker giving aid, bandage and medicine, distributing his ideas, investing, stabilizing and, the most essental deed, putting a new political set into an advantageous position, who then promote the noble idea of the ’open society’, i.e. they play the music Soros has paid. That’s when he is in his element. As he puts it: ’The world needs conscience, and my foundation network fulfils that function.’

Destabilizing Europe, disintegrating the European Union is really a big portion for him but that’s the next point on his agenda. Whereas the uncertainty following the 2008 economic and financial crisis and the European political elite’s fatigue have produced just enough difficulties, the migration crisis supported by Soros and organized by his network has made Europe reach crossroads. Given the recipe described above, it’s not hard to locate the target set by Soros.

It aimes to divide the Union into two by maintaining and increasing the migration pressure, to destabilize the western part through unintegrable Muslim masses and to drain the eastern part financially. The continent thus made unable to resist can be transformed into a really open society by the Soros organizations: the ’civilians’ with the help of all leftist-liberal forces. In order to achieve that they should sacrify what is left from their identity on the altar of openness and should give up everything that made them what they are.

The only good fortune is that there are others on the race course. Those who can’t be cheated by ’progressive’, world-saving messages of deception and are fully aware of the fact that their calling words: democracy, checks and balances, human rights, freedom of speech, free education sound from their mouths as authentic as declared by the communists. They are worth nothing in that context. They are discredited and dishonest. They don’t tolerate any debate or open speech or arguments. I feel sorry for leftists – they put all they had into this marriage with Soros.

Ordinary people’s desires and ambitions. They abandoned them and ceased to represent their interests and defence. In return they didn’t get anything but money from Soros. Money, however, is never enough and there are always more people who claim it than the ones who are actually given it. And when they run out of it, there is nothing left, their self-esteem has gone.

With FIDESZ’ victory in 2010 unexpected stumbling blocks were put in the path of the Soros empire that had been spreading unstoppable from 2002. The headwind against Soros in Hungary bears special importance since, as mentioned before, Soros’s philantrophic operation started here and with CEU he has a solid basis for providing supply for the future. If the same rules apply to CEU as to other universities, it carries the message that György Soros is neither omnipotent nor invulnerable. As good news it is for us, as unacceptable it is for him and his activists.


As mentioned above Soros has become a policy-maker in the USA as well. He sponsored Hillary Clinton with huge amounts of money and considered Trump’s victory as a personal failure. That is the reason why he has set a goal to oust him. His organizations are trying to undermine the elcted president of the USA on a daily basis constantly attacking him, doubting his legitimacy, suitability and loyalty to his homeland. All this is done based on the method so many times applied successfully in our region with his organizations following the good recipe. Just like in Macedonia or Serbia.

They’ve had enough experience in colour revolutions from Georgia to Ukraine. And in the Balkans as well, since the activists, students and civilians who carried out the ’peaceful revolution’ project to replace Sevarnadze with Saakashvili in Georgia had been trained in Belgrade from 2003. And a similar scenario was played when Juscsenko was toppled and also with the destabilizing attempts against Orbán.

Many of Soros’s training programs and projects of exerting influence are targeted at helping forces sharing Soros’s ideas to win elections all over the world. Colossal amounts of money is spent on weakening ’populist’ politicians who have opposed mass migration as well as global forces gaining ground and stand for the sovereignty of their country.
It’s clear from ’confidential’ documents of the Soros think tank Open Society Foundation that through Athena Intézet for example, where Tamás Meszerics (LMP) works together with Zsuzsanna Szelényi (Együtt), in 2013 only 35 thousand dollars were spent on silencing Hungarian populist voices.

Another 100 thousand dollars were given to ’independent’ institutes in the Union to fight populism in our region. Soros gave 6 million dollars to 90 different institutes to campaign for parties in favour of immigration at the 2014 European Union elections. ( The Wikileaks documents quoted above haven’t been referred to in The New York Times, on CNN and neither in The Washington Post or CBS News.

Soros is present in approximately 100 countries. What he and his network provide is the program of pulling down the nation state, representing the interest of global companies, taking priority of the West. And an ideological mix: sorosizm, which has pushed the Left and liberalism out of the arena. What is left in their place is a utopian, global philisophy á la Soros, where not ’proletarians of the world’ but ’globalists of the world’ are united so as to promote their interests.

They have bought the Left and liberalism, expropriated and transformed them in order to serve global migration and global market. Everyone who keeps sticking to national sovereignty and the protection of national interests working for those masses and social layers who can only see their interests enforced through their elected representatives is stigmatized as a populist, a fascist and a Nazi.

In order to defeat and neutralize them Soros and his people mobilize their enormous financial means and their personnels trained for fight in the masks of civilians. That’s what countries in our region like Romania, Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary have experienced many times since the migration crisis. But the USA could also get an insight of the mechanism described above a short time ago, in 2014 in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, where millions of dollars were spent by Soros to send his paid agitators to the scene recruited from the leftist Berkeley University to Brooklyn, New York.

They performed demonstrations and disturbances for weeks accompanied by an immense media campaign just to prove: racism has become institutionalized in Ferguson. The campaign didn’t reach its goal, since in the quarter inhabited almost exclusively by black people the white mayor declared as racist by Soros’s team was reelected.


When the Central European University moved to Budapest only after a few years that the Iron Curtain had been pulled down, many of us welcomed it as a sign of westernization as well as the spirit of liberty and good standard at American universities. It demonstrated to us that, as a result of the Amercan victory in the Cold War, the universities here can at last enjoy free thinking again after decades of communism with a one-sided, homogenous ideological pattern dominated by marxism. The party state had rigorously stuck to its ideological monopoly, especially in the field of social sciences.


Very soon, however, it came to light that CEU didn’t contribute to making plurality a rule in social sciences, but rather it became a biased promoter of post communists, who had an enormous starting position advantage anyway. All that happened was that the marxists gained new representatives, this time coming from the West. Discarded marxists in America, Canada, Israel and West-Europe found safe positions and spent a few pleasant years at the social science departments of CEU.

Michael Ignatieff, the rector of CEU and his fellow fighters speak about the freedom of education and the autonomy of the university being violated in Hungary just because they should be operated in accordance with Hungarian laws. The point is not this. One thing, however, is true: our enthusiasm for Anglo-Saxon universities has vanished. With so many years of experience behind us we have become a lot more critical about them.

We who speak English have considerably grown in number in the last quarter of a century, and the Web has enabled us to be informed worldwide. Locked up behind the Iron Curtain we couldn’t do that. Now we can read and hear about the situation that counter-opinions are not tolerated at American and British universities, those who are not agreed with by militant sorosists are not allowed to speak and give lectures.

In our country militant young communists supported by the communist party did the same at the end of the 1940s driving away all non-communists from Hungarian universities. We don’t want to experience it again, even if it is the criterion for ’being developed’ today. In the same way, we don’t want ’safe spaces’ either, where those who aren’t ready to listen to others, e.g. at CEU, may be ensconced. We don’t want political activists specializing in sabotage actions to be trained at our universities, as it happens at CEU and lately at Harvard as well. (

Looking back from today, Soros’s sponsorship was something like a lethal embrace. He squeezed his university and formed it into his image, as he did to the political Left. First SZDSZ, the party whose members called themselves liberal, disappeared from the Hungarian political arena, and now the party of (once being) socialists seems to be in question. But they still don’t understand what consequences the declaration of Ildikó Lendvai, a former president of the Hungarian Socialist Party will bring. She stated: ’The opposition takes sides with Soros.’ They don’t grasp that the destiny of a politician who becomes sorosist is sealed.

György Soros is an elderly man, he will be 87 on 12 August. He lived through the Holocaust, about which somewhere he said: ’1944 was the happiest period in my life. It was a very positive experience. I believed in myself, in my father, and I knew that nothing could happen to me.’ It was true. He has put together a global empire. He has got money to burn, his power seems to be unlimited. But nothing lasts forever. Everything ends one day.